Who Can Help

Students walking through a residence hall outdoor courtyard

Consultation and Response Team (CRT)

UCLA’s Consultation & Response Team (CRT) is a group of professional staff members charged with responding to reports of students who may be in distress. Each week, members meet to assess distressed students’ needs and develop a plan of care, which may include student outreach or referrals to campus and community resources. Depending on the nature of the situation, team members may also consult with the UCLA offices impacted by the crisis. CRT members will balance FERPA, HIPAA, and California State Privacy Law when communicating with UCLA constituents.

CRT Mission

  • To consult with members of the campus community when they think a student might be in crisis;
  • To respond to students in crisis;
  • To educate the campus community on how to recognize signs that a student may be in crisis, and what to do when they see those signs.

Case Managers

Students’ personal situations may negatively impact their well-being or academic life. In other instances, students’ actions may disturb campus community members. In these situations, Case Managers are available to receive reports of concern and determine an appropriate response to assist the student and those who may also be impacted by the situation. Case Managers are available to consult with or provide training for campus community members who would like to better support students of concern. Case Managers must abide by FERPA laws, which means they are a private, not confidential resource.

The Case Managers can assist with the following:

  • Academic support including notifying professors regarding missed classes, dropping a class, withdrawal, etc.
  • Referrals to campus and community resources
  • Emergency housing and/or exploring housing options
  • Consultation for the university community regarding students in distress

Contact information for the Case Managers:

All Case Managers can be reached by emailing CRTeam@ucla.edu. You may call or email specific Case Managers as well:

Mark Veldkamp
Director, Case Management Services
(310) 825-7291

Emily Harris
Case Manager, Center for Accessible Education 
(310) 825-6941

Terriel Cox
Case Manager, Bruin Resource Center
(310) 825-9728

Armando Flores
Case Manager, Graduate Division
(310) 206-1158

Matthew Williamson
Case Manager
(310) 825-0628

Hillary Thomas
Case Manager, Dashew Center for International Students & Scholars
(310) 825-7762

Karen Minero
Manager, Training & Outreach
(310) 825-3502

Please keep in mind that the Case Managers do not maintain 24 hour access to email or phone.